From Slack to WebEx to Microsoft Teams, there’s a host of cloud-based apps and tools that facilitate communication and collaboration in today’s increasingly digital world. But how far is too far? Too much of a good thing isn’t always good. This seems to have become the case as the concept of workplace collaboration evolves.

For example, studies show that most companies now use at least two team chat apps due to preferences for one app’s user experience over the other. Employees are sending hundreds of messages each week on these apps with little organization or insight into conversations. Many of these tools are riddled with distracting or complicated features that affect productivity, yet they are priced higher as “fully loaded” solutions. This kind of collaboration environment–multiple apps to pay for and user experiences to manage–is not ideal. We all know it, and it’s time to do something about it.

Back to the Basics

There’s nothing basic about the way we communicate and collaborate, but a reset is clearly needed. Over the next decade, Gartner forecasts that the user experience for digital workers will undergo a significant shift adapting to new ways of interacting and perceiving information. This will have us move to a “multiexperience” model that connects people with more nuanced information as well as each other, regardless of location, device or communication platform. As we look to a new decade and new frontier of technology, the answer cannot lie in dozens of disparate collaboration apps. The market has exploded, and we’ve unlocked massive potential. This power can be harnessed by streamlining and simplifying collaboration.

Solutions need to be made simpler and more accessible while keeping control over how work gets done squarely in the hands of users. Organizations need to take the complexity of how employees interact with data, technology and their teams and condense it into a rich environment of converged digital channels and modes of communication while maintaining ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.

Avaya Spaces is the answer. 

Less is More

Avaya Spaces is a simple, cost-effective cloud solution that integrates web meetings and team collaboration into one app. It allows users to create persistent topic or project cloud spaces where they can message, meet, share content and manage tasks from a browser or mobile app. It gives teams an easy, secure and effective way to get work done in the cloud. The solution provides must-have cloud communications features that teams need to collaborate more effectively in today’s work environment:

  • Cloud Spaces: persistent online places to bring people, content and communications together
  • Persistent Chat: stay engaged, pick up conversations anytime on any device
  • Meet: boost productivity and enhance the team experience with HD video, content sharing and recording
  • Organization: stop searching through email threads or across multiple disconnected apps
  • Management: coordinate projects across teams, assign tasks and track progress

Avaya Spaces can replace the combination of your meeting and team collaboration apps, or you can integrate the solution to use capabilities that compliment what you currently have. If you’re coming up on the renewal of an app, you can drop it and use Spaces instead under one converged, multiexperience model. The solution comes at a competitive price point with a free trial period. Or, you can use it as part of a flexible, subscription-based pricing model for your entire Avaya solution that allows you to pay for only what you use. Monthly or annual payment includes upgrades to the latest releases, Avaya support, and the ability to flex to 20% over the number of subscribed users at no additional charge.

The Bottom Line

User experience norms are shifting toward a unified, multiexperience model as people look to seamlessly communicate across a variety of channels, devices, and touchpoints. Organizations need an easy-to-use solution that fosters true communication and collaboration–regardless of where users are, what devices are being used or what environments and applications they need to work with–to drive the right outcomes. Avaya Spaces is a high performing, cost-effective solution for supporting this new era of work.